Factories of the

Belgium is aiming to lead Europe in building the factories of the future. These next-generation facilities will reimagine the entire operation of a plant to support the green transition, make the most of novel biomanufacturing platforms, and realise the full potential of digitisation.

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CDMO excellence

The rise of novel modalities such as cell, gene, and mRNA therapies and innovative vaccines has required a significant investment in new manufacturing capabilities.

CDMOs have been able to flexibly adapt production, drive a rapid growth in capacities and capabilities, and help the industry to ramp up in areas such as vaccine production.

Leading the digital transition

Belgium is a hotbed for the adoption of deeptech and digitech in drug discovery, clinical trials, and biomanufacturing.

Thanks to entities such as imec, we are helping to shape the future through innovation in nano and digital technology.

And by investing in the Health Data Agency, Belgium is facilitating the reuse of data for research and innovation in healthcare.

Accelerating the green transition

The Belgian biotech and biopharma industry is minimising its environmental impact at every step of the value chain, from the supply of raw materials to production and shipment.

Working towards a greener, healthier tomorrow, our production sites are continually investing in green technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps, and wastewater recycling.