In a highly international research environment, cutting-edge technologies are being created and deployed to accelerate the drug discovery process, helping to develop new and ever more effective treatments.

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A leader in novel technologies and therapies

Belgium is a world leader in the development of new medicines, therapies, and applications - especially in the context of ATMPs, mRNA technology, next-generation vaccines, plasmaproteins, and antibodies.

Unrivalled R&D incentives

A generous tax incentive package includes:

  • 80% deduction on the withholding tax for R&D employees.
  • Up to 85% deduction on innovation income tax.
  • Public subsidies and refundable cash advances.
  • Tax deductions for investments in patents and R&D.

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Ambition, unlimited

Belgium has big plans for the future. This is how we intend to make them happen.