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Welcome to the future of health, biotech and biopharma. Belgium is open for business. Are you?

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Our unique position at the heart of Europe is home to a state-of-the-art ecosystem, world-class talent, and proactive government support. Explore a unique culture of innovation, collaboration, and scientific excellence.

Why Belgium?

State-of-the-art ecosystem

Our unique ecosystem connects SMEs, large organisations, academia, research centres and public authorities.

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invested in R&D in 2022.

World-class talent

Belgium is the world's second ranking nation in terms of biopharma talent development.

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More than

direct jobs.

Active government support

A unique tax incentive package has established Belgium as one of Europe's  leading innovators.

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More than

industry players.

The health and biotech valley of tomorrow

Belgium is home to breakthrough innovation, a fast-growing pool of talent, and unrivalled support for R&D and biomanufacturing activities. See how together, we are shaping the healthier society of tomorrow.