The health & biotech valley of tomorrow

Traditional strengths in R&D and production, a fast-growing pool of talent, and strategic investments in complex therapies. We are ready to shape the future of biotechnology for the next 25 years.

Welcome to Belgium, home to the innovation that's shaping the healthier society of tomorrow.


Breakthrough innovation

Belgium empowers forward-thinking innovators to push the limits of what's possible in answering the the health challenges of the future.


Next-generation talent

A unique network of renowned universities, university hospitals, and training centres, plus a future EU Biotech Campus, guarantees a steady stream of highly qualified talent.


Factories of the future

Future-focused manufacturing companies deploy advanced digital technologies, intelligent processes, and innovative business models to set new standards in biotech and biopharma.

Biotech backed by a nation

The Belgian government has prioritised leadership within the global biopharmaceutical industry, offering comprehensive support to make it happen.