Belgian universities are among the best in the world, maintaining the scientific standards over time to continue educating the visionary biotech and biopharma leaders of the future.

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Twelve leading universities

Belgium is home to 12 universities, featuring internationally renowned life science and innovation departments and research teams. Some are in the top 10 worldwide.

The presence of so many high quality universities also ensures a solid educational base and a stable influx of highly educated and productive employees.

Specialists in Life Sciences

The Belgian ecosystem is educating and training talent to guarantee the long-term employability of students in an ever-evolving life science landscape. Future-proof skills are central to every study programme at universities of applied sciences all over the country.

World-class university hospitals

Seven university hospitals, some among the best in the world, work in close partnership with the universities. Combining high quality healthcare with pioneering scientific research, they deliver the best possible levels of care to every patient.